EM-100 Versatile Enterprise Tablet

Versatile Android Based Enterprise Tablet

Whether you are looking for a tablet for line busting, in-aisle customer assisting, or point of sale (POS) capabilities for your field sales or service team, Partner Tech’s Android-based EM-100 Enterprise Tablet is the perfect choice.

The EM-100 keeps your staff connected to the business applications they need without being tethered to a checkout counter and allows them to provide service without making customers wait in line.


Employee-Friendly Operating System

Your employees are likely to be familiar with the popular Android OS, so it’s easy for them to use the EM-100 to perform their jobs accurately and efficiently. It’s also easy to train employees on the intuitive OS, which means new hires can work independently and start contributing value to your business from day one.

Rugged and Hardworking

The EM-100 is built to withstand harsh conditions. It has been tested to keep performing even after a 3-foot fall to a hard surface, and it has an IP54 rating for protection against damage from dust and moisture. With a design that minimizes downtime and repair costs, the rugged EM-100 keeps your operations going and has low TCO.

The Functionality Your Business Requires

The EM-100 has two cameras: a front-facing 2.0-megapixel camera and a 5.0 MP rear-facing camera that can be used for data collection, facial recognition applications, or to document deliveries or damaged merchandise.  In addition, the RFID/NFC is standard with the EM-100 for data capture, payment options, and asset tracking.

The 10.1-inch display is sunlight readable, so employees can use it comfortably outdoors as well as indoors, and projected capacitive touch technology makes it easy to use.

No two businesses are the same, so Partner Tech offers optional peripherals that add functionality to enhance the EM-100’s robust capabilities. Options include a chip card reader, MSR, barcode scanner, and biometric fingerprint reader.

Additional Features

Energy Conserving

The EM-100 is designed for low power consumption to save energy costs and comply with corporate environmental stewardship policies.

Cradle and Base Options

You can choose POS base options that provide additional I/O ports to support a variety of extra peripherals.

State-of-the-Art Wireless Capabilities

Wireless communication features combine with the OS to extend the range of possible applications. Stand-alone GPS and AGPS options are also available.


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