Interactive Laser Projector LH890UST

  • BlueCore Laser Technology
  • Dust Guard Laser Engine with IP5X standard
  • 4,000AL High Brightness
  • 20,000 hours of Lamp Replacement Free
  • PointWrite PW40U Compatible

Interactive Laser Projector with Ultra Short Throw, 1080p | LH890UST

Uninterrupted Learning Through Long-Lasting Projection
The World’s No.1 DLP brand BenQ leads the way with futureproof interactive projectors, featuring innovative BlueCore laser technology and superior dustproofing design for superb picture quality and maintenance-free operation. Maximizing education investment and collaborative learning with ultra-short throw projection, the BenQ LH890UST utilizes the unparalleled qualities of a laser light source to achieve optimized performance, long-lasting reliability, and energy efficiency for the leading schools.


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