Gespage is an application designed to check and manage the usage of your print equipment, whether they are printers (network and local), copiers or multifunction (MFP).

Gespage also allows you to manage the users of these print points (access rights, quotas …).

Gespage application must be installed on a Windows or Linux print server, that is to say a server that hosts print queues and shares them on the network. The Web architecture of Gespage is made accessible to the administrator from the network with a web browser.

At a Glance

  • Tracking of documents printed with the traceability of the user, destination printer, number of pages, printing cost, printing date, activity code (project code).
  • The management of quotas at users, departments and jobs level. Gespage user accounts may be synchronized with a LDAP or Active directory (10 directories maximum).
  • Price of printing, suggestion of redirection to a more economical point of print.
  • Request for the job allocation.
  • Email notification of defects and automatic sending of reports.
  • Integrates a Management of « Windows Popup » that opens automatically after a printing for informing or asking the user with:
    • Price of printing
    • Suggestion of redirection to a more economical point of print
    • Request for job code.

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