BenQ Laser Projectors

PointWrite™ Touch Module PT12

PointWrite™ Touch Module PT12


Optional Pointwrite Interactive Finger Touch Module (can only be added / used after installing the pen touch module) (MW855UST / DX808ST / MW826ST / LW820ST)

  • Interactive Learning Fun with BenQ’s Leading Technology
  • Foster Active Learning Through Interactive PointWrite Touch Technology
  • Dual Screen with Multiple Touch Capabilities
  • Interactivity of PointWriteTM Touch Module
    • Used with PointWrite camera module and enables finger touch capability**
    • Supports up to 4 fingers writing simultaneously
    • Gesture support in Windows 8 and above
    • Dual screen touch for ultra-wide working space
    • Effortless setup with only 1 second auto calibration*

*Calibration speed may vary depending on computer system. **Touch module is an optional unit for PointWrite interactive cameras PW02, PW01U and PW20U to enable finger touch function.

Inspiration, Collaboration with BenQ Interactive Touch Technology

The BenQ PointWrite™ touch technology allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on any flat surface using any object or their fingers. PointWrite™ touch technology used in conjunction with BenQ’s interactive projectors helps to create a joyful learning environment effortlessly, ensuring an ultra smooth, interruption-free writing experience.

*Touch module is an optional unit for PointWrite interactive camera to enable finger touch function.

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